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Quran Academy Offers Online Quran teachers at home for both kids and adults. It is run by Qualified Online Quran Teachers. Quran Academy’s central goal is to teach kids the meaning of Quranic verses in an interesting, interactive and creative way, using games and applications built specially for this purpose. These apps are used across the world by over 15 million users worldwide, but you can use them from anywhere in the world!

Why do we need online classes?

Online Quran classes allow kids to learn while they play, so they’re able to keep up with their classmates at school. Plus, an online Quran teacher has a wider array of teaching methods at his or her disposal than one working in a classroom. This allows an online teacher to better meet individual student needs; all students are unique after all. What’s more, these classes can be scheduled around your child’s homework schedule, allowing him or her to spend time on Quranic study without compromising grades or missing out on other opportunities. On top of that, making learning fun will go a long way toward getting your child excited about studying Islam in general—which is something we firmly believe every kid should get excited about!

What are the benefits of online classes?

Online classes offer convenience. You can attend class when it is convenient for you; no driving or commuting necessary. Online classes are also less expensive than traditional classroom classes, making it easier to afford a quality education. And finally, online lessons give teachers an opportunity to further personalize their approach in class by drawing from a larger pool of resources.

The course content – teachers, syllabus and schedule

Online Quran courses are composed of an online Quranic curriculum. Every session, you’ll learn a new chapter of Quran with your online teacher. Every Online Quranic class is highly interactive, because our teachers focus on making each student involved in discussions on Islam, at an age-appropriate level. The courses may be taken by kids as young as five years old, but they’re also popular among teenagers who want to get ahead or need to do some catch-up work before taking part in local school classes or formal programs. Check out our detailed course syllabus.

How to enrol in our courses

To enrol, you must first create an account. Once your account is created, you’ll receive access to our online learning platform. This will allow you to register for courses by selecting what type of course(s) you’d like to take (singles, packs or family packs). You can also purchase them here on our website once they become available. After that, there are two ways of accessing our courses: 1) Daily: Once registered, you can access all of our courses daily as we have a different video uploaded every day! 2) As a Subscriber: If you’re interested in accessing all of our content at one time (including daily updates), we suggest choosing Subscribe from within your course dashboard.

He also teaches private lessons at home and provides online Quranic teaching via Skype. He is a specialist in online Quran teaching for kids and encourages students of all ages and backgrounds to join him in gaining a deeper understanding of Islam. On their website, they offer free sample lessons, including tutorials on vowels, gender and Arabic words. Students who are serious about learning Arabic can find it here. They also have forums where students can discuss what they’ve learned with each other as well as ask questions about the translation process. Together these tools enable them to continue learning outside of formal classes so that they can become fluent Quranic readers no matter how far away from their instructor they live or how busy they are with schoolwork or extracurricular activities like sports.

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