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Who knew that the holy book of Islam, known as the Quran, could be studied in an online, remote manner? With so many great study tools available on the internet, it only makes sense that you would be able to learn Quran online for kids from any location in the world. But how can you know if this online madrasa is any good? You may have heard rumors or read testimonials from their students in order to get an idea, but these are all based on personal experience and could be biased.

Controversy about the accusation of Trojan horse about “extremism” in a number of Birmingham schools has triggered many discussions about the need to teach and confirm English values ​​to children. There has been a rapid turnover from the government, and a two-month consultation has now been launched on a proposal to promote British values ​​in schools.

The proposal emerged as part of the changes in the independent school standards of the Ministry of Education, which was expected to take effect in September 2014. One of the new standards required requires independent school owners to:

Actively promoting the fundamental values ​​of British democracy, the rule of law, individual freedom and mutual respect and tolerance for those who have different religions and beliefs; and encourage students to respect others, by paying attention to the protected characteristics stipulated in the 2010 Equality Law.

The draft proposal also includes a new clause that says the school must “encourage respect to others, pay special attention to the protected characteristics stipulated in the 2010 equality law” and “encourage respect for democracy and support for participation in the democratic process, including taste Respect for the basis where the law is made and applied in the UK “.

On the surface of the general guidance it seems reasonable, but closer analysis revealed it tilted and directed to Muslim schools. For example, the new standards are trying to enable the State Secretary to education to utilize the 2010 equality law to take action against schools that violate the provisions of equality in connection with gender, sexual orientation and lack of tolerance to other religions in their teaching. Consultation documents specifically refer to girls sitting behind the class as an example of poor practice – a clear indication that he directs his attention to Muslim schools.

But the guidelines are silent about steps to overcome institutional inequality in schools. This does not offer guidance on staff recruitment, or monitor and take action on differences in performance between groups of students such as between men and women, or Muslims and Christians. Also does not offer guidance on other forms of discrimination that violates the law of equality and hamper student development. Equality is described solely in terms of value.

Framed by white male politicians

The question here is whether the understanding of British ideas as described in the new independent school standards that are proposed will really solve the problem of social inclusion and equality in schools and wider communities. I argue that the attraction for “British values” is a smoke veil that hides many problems regarding inequality and justice that are not handled by other British institutions.

Political philosophers such as Michael Sandel, John Rawls, and others have long brought what values ​​and mechanisms are needed to achieve the common good when you have a diversity of competitive interests that operate in society. Martin Luther King JNR and other theologians have talked about “beloved community” and explore the values, principles, and ways of ownership needed to create and maintain the ideal community. So it is legitimate to ask what kind of community we want to live in.

Problems with the current debate and the proposal that comes from them is the context in which “English values” are framed. It was done by a strong white male politician who talked about “values” in relation to the British Muslim minority community to change “English values” into racial markers or racial differentiation labels.

The assumption that is not said here is that certain behaviors are labeled as Muslims and that this is not compatible by becoming English. Therefore it is not your passport or the tax that you pay, which determines whether you can participate in British public life. But now your “values” you determine how English and how far you can

How to learn online Quran for kids with online madrasa

There are plenty of ways to learn online Quran for kids, but none may be as convenient as using an online madrasa. Online madrasas will provide you with a live instructor over Skype or another video chat platform. This means you can learn online Qur’an without missing any school or family time—it’s easier than driving your child around on a weekend morning.

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