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When it comes to learning about Islam, there are many different topics that you can study and practice at home, whether you’re looking to learn the Quran or studying Islamic theology or the life of the Prophet Muhammad. The problem with these self-directed approaches, however, is that they can take an immense amount of time, which isn’t ideal if you have other responsibilities or simply don’t have a lot of free time to dedicate to this particular pursuit. That’s where free online Quran classes can come in handy.

Quran Host offers…

Quran Host works with a great mission to spread the knowledge of Quran all over the world. For that, we offer FREE Online classes as well as DISCOUNTED ones (that are also 100% Islamic) in order for us all to learn together and be on par with each other. Come learn Quranic Arabic with us!

Quranic Verses in English

In simple words, Quranic Verses in English are a group of certain verses that we can learn from, be it directly or indirectly. For example, you must have come across something that says Oh man! You are created out of a drop which is not even worthy enough to be treaded underfoot by God. Such pieces of wisdom fall under Quranic Verses in English. We take some time out and think about such verses and try and derive lessons from them. In short, they help us learn different things by being specific examples for them. So these kinds of Quranic Verses give us an insight into human nature as well as into understanding our faith better.

How can you access Quran Host

You can access us in many ways. You can register online through our website, or follow us on social media and connect with one of our instructors. If you have specific questions, you can email us at [email protected] for more information about how to access Quran Host.

How Is It Free?

Online Quran classes offer a great option for those looking to learn about Islam, teach their children about Islam, or just learn more about an influential text. However, most traditional options can be prohibitively expensive or inconvenient. Here at QuranHost, we’ve worked hard to make it possible for anyone in any country (where we’re not restricted by law) to learn and study with us!

Our Guarantee

We don’t believe in failure. We do however believe in teaching our students a solid foundation of Arabic so that they have a good understanding of Islam. There is no other academy that offers any guarantee like ours, because we offer FREE Online Quranic classes! With more than 10 years experience and quality language classes, you can trust us to help you master Arabic today. If you are not satisfied with your Quranic level at end of program, we will let you repeat for FREE!

More About Us

We at QuranHost make FREE Online Quran classes available for everyone; including students, teachers, and parents. Our online learning platform makes it possible for users from all over the world to learn with ease without disturbing their work or studies. Additionally, we also have a wide variety of Islamic books and literature that are accessible in both English and Arabic languages. In addition to having access to our wide range of Islamic books, users also have access to various forums where they can discuss various matters regarding religion or even simply have fun!

Who We Are

QuranHost is a place for everyone who wants to learn how to read and understand the Holy Book of Islam. We offer discounted online classes as well as FREE online classes and webinars that can be accessed by anyone. Our instructors come from around …

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There’s a reason why Quranic knowledge is one of Allah’s greatest gifts: It can help us become better people and better believers. Unfortunately, traditional Quranic schools aren’t always accessible—or affordable. That’s why we created our free online Quran classes for kids, which are open to everyone. In addition to being available anytime and anywhere, these courses are surprisingly affordable; you could spend less than you spend on coffee per month on a top-quality course from QuranHost!

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