Contrast color scheme for rigid boxes packaging designs

The addition of a contrasting color scheme into the design of a rigid box is a strategic approach to separate your brand. Marketing experts have long studied the impact of colorful packages on the mood, behavior, and emotions of potential clients. The findings of the study and research have allowed the brand to use specific principles of color psychology and influence people’s purchasing decisions. Therefore, choosing a contrasting color for your rigid package requires serious thought. pillow boxes for hair extensions However, they help the target audience in connecting or linking certain products with your brand. Here is the highlight of various contrasting color combinations for boxes and their roles in making your product stand out.

Pink stiff box and raisins:

A mixture of bright pink and raisins creates perfect high contrast in the design of the luxurious stiff boxes. Such a package gives a brave, dynamic, and energetic appearance that limits and distinguishes your products from other options available. You can choose a brighter pink color while still making a contrast in the packaging design. Shades of pink that are lighter or softer, along with raisins, usually work best when you provide women-oriented products. Likewise, the darker pink shades with raisins indicate strength and sophistication. This color scheme is usually the best for retail items targeted at male audiences from target markets. So, before deciding between pink shades and lighter and lighter raisins, determine your target audience first. This will allow you to attract people’s emotions in a better and more comprehensive way.

Shades of pink and brown:

Pink is a sedative, soothing, and not threatening. This indicates sympathy, sincerity, beauty, and, most important luxuryus. The use of different pink shades in the design of a special rigid box creates more movements and depth. Although, mixing pink shades with dark brown in the design of packaging increases the level of contrast and serious seriousness. Above everything, it created a sense of luxury in the minds of the audience who were captured. So, linking your product with luxury and premium vibrations is not a problem when you use this contrasting color scheme in a box design. This color combination is also proven to play a role in making your brand as the center of attention in the market by highlighting the theme of the Main brand.

Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, and Black:

These four ink colors are mainly used when deciding the design of the overall rigid box. Their combination gives your box exclusive display you want or want. When used separately, they produce a slim, modern, bright, and full of life scheme. However, when you mix it, you can make a color that can be imagined related to your product and speak your brand language. So, use this specific mixture of hue in your box design and give your item a contemporary display that they deserve to get. Always remember the minimalist principle while combining various colors. If not, you can produce a mixture of colors that are not in harmony with your overall brand and theme.

Gold, charcoal, and gray:

This perfect combination of contrasting colors makes your packaging design shining more on a retail rack. When customers explore the shelves, they usually look for items that immediately attract their attention. This contrasting color scheme works perfectly in gaining unhappy attention from the target audience .custom wheaties box It also provides the perfect highlight for details printed on luxury packaging. The golden hue signifies nature and excitement. When combined with two different gray and black colors, maturity and seriousness layers are added to the design. This conveys the message that your retail items will last a long time and deserve to be purchased.

Black and white stiff box:

Sticking only two colors in your packaging design may not be a good idea at first. But as far as the combination of black and white, it does not seem boring for the target audience

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