The Best Cloud Computing Jobs 

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If you’re interested in becoming an IT cloud computing specialist, then you’ll want to know about the best jobs in this field.  

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Here are 10 top cloud computing jobs 

1) Cloud Application Developer 

When it comes to cloud computing jobs, an application developer may be one of your best options. Cloud application developers are often software engineers who specialize in cloud based systems and applications. The job may also be referred to as a system administrator or web developer. 

2) Cloud Engineer 

Cloud computing jobs are booming. The cloud computing industry is expected to double in size by 2017, so there’s never been a better time to start a career in cloud engineering. Cloud engineers build, test and maintain cloud based platforms; they build tools and processes for scaling out and integrating cloud services; they deliver reliable cloud based solutions that enable organizations of all sizes to adopt more efficient technologies at lower costs; and more. 

3) Cloud Administrator 

These cloud computing jobs are in great demand, as more and more companies look to use cloud services. Cloud Admins act as IT managers, working with Sales and other company departments to evaluate which software should be used for different functions. They ensure that these cloud services are run smoothly and efficiently. As cloud computing becomes a bigger part of business processes, their skills will continue to become increasingly valuable and so will their salaries. 

4) Salesforce Administrator 

Salesforce’s software helps companies manage their customer interactions. Administrators configure and customize Salesforce to create solutions that meet businesses’ needs, and then train users on how to use them. They may also help integrate Salesforce with a company’s existing systems. Other job titles related to cloud computing include Project Manager, Help Desk Technician, System Administrator, Security Analyst and Network Architect. 

5) AWS Architect 

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Architect manages complex, high-performance applications that make use of advanced technologies like Hadoop and NoSQL databases. It’s a senior-level role within AWS one that usually requires several years of experience working with AWS as well as other cloud services. Candidates for this job have expertise in both managing large scale applications and evaluating emerging technologies. 

6) IT Manager/Director 

An IT Manager/Director is in charge of overseeing all aspects of a company’s technology infrastructure. They can help organizations better utilize their existing technology and equipment, ensuring that employees have access to everything they need to do their jobs efficiently and effectively. An IT Manager/Director can also recommend new technological solutions for both existing challenges and future business needs. 

7) Project Manager 

Project managers facilitate communication between all stakeholders, creating plans and schedules, and making sure that everyone involved is on-task and in sync. A project manager might work with developers, designers, marketers, writers, sales teams and clients to keep projects on track. In addition to a Bachelor’s degree in project management or a related field (such as information systems or business), project managers should have exceptional written and verbal communication skills. 

8) Systems Analyst 

A systems analyst helps to design and build computer systems for companies. They help with analyzing how a business will use computers, and then they design a system that meets their needs. This job is one of those jack of all trades kinds of jobs, which means it requires a wide range of skills but not necessarily expertise in any one area. System analysts typically have at least a bachelor’s degree, though master’s degrees are often preferred. 

9) Software Developer – Java / J2EE 

Java is a popular and robust programming language that’s used to develop powerful cloud applications. Java is an object-oriented language, meaning it can be used to create programs that act on and respond to other objects. As cloud computing continues to evolve and become more mainstream, there will continue to be a high demand for software developers who know how to write code in Java. 

10) Software Developer – C / C++ 

Software developers create new applications, or improve existing ones. A background in computer science is helpful for landing a software development job, but many people with a bachelor’s degree in computer science go on to find jobs as developers for companies that don’t require CS degrees. 

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