How to get quality backlinks without guest posting and email outreach?

Guest posting gets lauded as one of the best techniques to rank a website higher on SERP. However, those who have tried their fingers on it know how brutally tough it is. It not only requires effort but even money sometimes. This is why people often go looking for the Best SEO link building services uk for some expert help. But not all companies can afford the expert services, especially when they are new and tight on budget. This means doing things by self. Although it takes much more time, it works somehow. We spoke to PLB about it – see More about PerfectLinkBuilding, United Kingdom – and it revealed to us what to do for backlinks if guest posting seems hard. Read also: Business Marketing Service

Guest Posting might seem like a humble task that focuses on helping each other. However, it has become proper business these days.

Ways to get quality backlinks without guest posting and outreach!

Many people opt to do SEO work by themselves. It is comparatively easier (according to people). But when it comes down to link building, people often run for the best link building services (UK) around them. We all know it is not easy to create contacts with niche websites that are already established. And thus, people look for the experts.

When people try link building by themselves, they often get stuck at guest posting and outreach. Why? Because either the websites they write for are of low quality or the high-quality websites ask for money. Guest Posting is a method in which you create a free blog post for a third-party website in return of a link. This way the website gets the content and you get the backlink. For example, if your website deals in cosmetics, you might try writing for Nykaa. If you get lucky you might get a great boost for your own website. But we all know how hard it is. Companies charge hundreds and thousands of dollars to feature someone on their website. This is why people often find the guest posting.

So, what are the ways apart from guest posting to create high-quality backlinks in the modern world?

1 – Broken Link Building!

Consider it as a task done in good deeds to repair this internet world. When you place links in an article, you do it with two purposes in mind –

  • To get backlinks
  • To help people dig deeper in their interests

But as time falls behind some websites fall down for many reasons. This makes the URLs of the fallen website across the internet go obsolete. When you click on such links you get either a 404 error or a webpage that tells you that the domain is up for sale.

What you do in broken link building is to replace these broken links with the links of your website. But no one will offer you a replacement just like that. For this to happen you must create replacement content with exceptional quality. Once you are sure that you have updated content with the finest quality possible, you reach the owners of these web pages through a well-crafted email. Many expert SEO link building services in UK follow this strategy as this works very finely. See More about PerfectLinkBuilding, United Kingdom, and how it handles link building.

To learn about broken links that are relevant to you, you have to use paid tools like Moz, Ahrefs, etc. These tools help you get a filtered list of all the broken links that are relevant to you.

2 – Natural Link Building!

Nothing could match the quality of backlinks that have formed naturally. But know that natural links take time to form, sometimes even years. Natural backlinks are those backlinks that have formed without you making any effort. These links form when people like your content so much that they go on dropping a link to your content on their websites. For example, if you have written an article about the impact of climate change on Generation A that is exceptional, you might end up getting featured on BBC or Nat. Geo. Most link building services understand the value of natural links and thus promote it.

For natural link building to happen you must focus on a few things –

  • Quality of your content
  • User Intent
  • Your focus on Page Experience and User Experience
  • The demand of content in that point of time

Do these things and you might end up getting thousands of natural backlinks. For this you might want to create social media accounts and accounts on YouTube to serve your customers valuable content. Call them to your website to get full access and do not disappoint them at this point. If they like it, they’ll share it everywhere.

3 – Get interviewed!

If you think you have the right knowledge and the right content, think about getting interviewed. Getting interviewed will serve you two benefits –

  • You will get a flow of visitors and thus backlinks
  • Your image will start shaping itself into a brand because people look at persons interviewed as some authority.

Look for some critics and other bloggers in your field and reach them with your request for being interviewed. Do not get surprised if you get asked for some money. This happens often in the world where things roam around business and value. If you believe that the person interviewing you has some good reach, invest some money. But this is not the case all the time.

Sometimes people reach you to take interviews if they see potential in you. This happens often in case a person gets viral in an ongoing trend. But do not solely rely on trends as this will not be your true audience. And if all goes right, you might end up getting featured in an interview that is ready to serve you.

4 – Competitors’ Analysis and link building campaign!

You would not want to miss out on your competitors if you really want to reach the top of SERP and grab the mass. Your competitors are whom you have to surpass and thus you must know them by close.

Do a competitors’ analysis to see what keywords your competitors are using and what are the websites that are linking to you. Once you have a general idea of your competitor, frame your digital strategy around it. Here is a brief guide on how to do it –

  • Search for the keyword you want to target
  • Look for the websites that show on SERP (these are your competitors)
  • Do an analysis using paid tools like Moz, etc.
  • Make a list of websites that link to them.
  • Try to replace these links by offering better quality content.

The more competition your industry has, the higher the risk will be, and the highest the award. It is all about the right fit. If you find all this too much (which indeed is) invest hiring some best seo link building services in UK or around you. PLB has been helping people with its expertise around all that a website requires. It has helped its clients earn 300-400 times more revenue. See More about PerfectLinkBuilding, United Kingdom, and how it can help your website get the grace it deserves.

The thing about link building is that it is a necessity and it takes time. Many websites end up falling, even with great quality content, because of no results seen in backlinks. Sweat out through nights but do not fall short of getting the backlinks your website deserves.

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