Guide To Know  – How to Recover a Disabled Facebook Account?

Disabled Facebook Account

Sometimes, when you are trying to log into your Facebook account and see a message “Your account has been disabled” on the screen then, it is quite frustrating. This message tells you that your account has been disabled by Facebook and you can only access it after you carry out certain steps. 

Facebook usually disables an account if they feel that you have violated some terms and conditions of the Facebook community. Depending on what you have done or violated, Facebook disables your account either temporarily or permanently. So, if you feel like your Facebook account disabled permanently then, it is very difficult that you will be able to recover it. But, if your account has been temporarily disabled then, it is very likely that you can get your account’s access back. 

So, you should not worry as we are going to tell you the possible reasons why your account has been disabled and how you can recover your account with some very simple steps. 

Reasons why your Facebook Account has been disabled by Facebook

Before we move to the process of Facebook account disabled recovery, you should at least know why Facebook has taken this step and disabled your account. Facebook does tell their customers why they have disabled the account, so look at some of the most common reasons for your account getting disabled. 

  • Uploading content or images that are violating the terms of the Facebook community
  • Facebook can disable your account if you are using a Fake name.
  • If you are impersonating someone then, it is possible your account will be disabled
  •  Continuing to violate the rules and terms of Facebook even after warnings from Facebook
  • Posting content that is harming or harassing some other person
  • Promoting or advertising content that is not allowed by Facebook
  • If your account has been reported by many people then, it can be disabled
  • Spamming the Facebook community by sending too many friend requests
  • Spamming groups and posts with excessive comments and messages
  • Violating the privacy of another person

All these reasons can land your account in the disabled category so, let me tell you that it is very important to follow all the terms and conditions of Facebook so, that your account is never disabled. 

How Can you Recover A Disabled Facebook Account?

Most of the time, Facebook only disables a Facebook account temporarily but if your account has been disabled permanently then, it means that you have severely violated some terms of Facebook.

Now, once you are sure that your account has been disabled because of any of the reasons stated above then, you can proceed to see the following method which will help you in recovering your disabled Facebook account.

So, there is a very simple method in answer to your question of how to recover a suspended Facebook account. You need to submit an appeal to Facebook to get your account back. If you do not know the process then, we have given you the complete procedure below. 

  1. When you see the disabled account message then, the first thing you need to do is to open the account review form given on Facebook’s official page or use this link:
  2. This form will help you in making an appeal to Facebook for your account. 
  3. There, you need to type the phone number or the email address that is synced with your Facebook account.
  4. Then, type your full name as displayed on the account.
  5. Then, Facebook will ask for an official government ID that is authentic to prove your existence. 
  6. After that, you can share additional information like explain to them why your account was disabled and why they should re-activate it. 
  7. There are certain government Ids that you can use as Facebook will not accept any picture. The following Ids can be used for this process.
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Personal or vehicle insurance card
  • Voter ID (We recommend that you use the Voter ID as it is the most valued one)
  • Green card, registration permit or immigration papers

Some secondary options that you can use if the above ones are not possible:

  • Credit Card
  • School ID
  • Check 
  • Bus Card
  • Bills
  • Library card 

Facebook will respond back to you in some days and will tell you what they have decided upon. It is not sure that Facebook will re-activate your account but, in the majority of cases, Facebook does re-activate the account without any problem. So, we are sure that you can recover a disabled Facebook account with this given method. 

We hope that the information we have given you is informative and helpful for you and you can get your account back after submitting the Facebook account review form. 

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