AWS vs Azure: Which is better for your career? 

If you’re in the market for a new career and want to learn more about cloud computing, you’ve probably been hearing a lot about AWS vs Azure from your peers, colleagues, or even friends who have their own businesses and are looking to take advantage of cloud computing to grow their business. But what are the differences between these two technologies? Which one should you choose if you’re looking to build your career in the IT industry? Let’s go over some of the most popular misconceptions and give you an overview of AWS vs Azure. 

What are the similarities between AWS and Azure? 

While AWS and Azure are two of the most popular cloud computing platforms, they have many similarities. There are a lot of aspects to both platforms that businesses should consider, and not just big-picture ones like price and functionality. Before you choose between AWS and Azure, or even if you’re currently using one platform but thinking about switching to another, it can be helpful to examine some of these subtle similarities. 

How do I get started with AWS or Azure cloud computing solutions? 

In order to make sure you’re using either AWS or Azure correctly, it’s important to know how they work. Many people are confused when trying to decide which cloud computing platform they should use, especially because they seem very similar. Once you understand how both platforms operate, it will be easier to choose which one works best for you and your business. 

What can I use either Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure cloud services for? 

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure are both cloud computing services that provide scalable computing infrastructure and databases, as well as a range of other functionality. Whether you’re a web developer or an architect planning to build a cloud, there’s some overlap between what you can use either AWS or Azure for. Here’s an overview of both services. We’ll look at eight different categories and give you examples from each category showing how both can be used effectively in real-world scenarios.  

If we don’t mention a specific category below, assume it applies equally to both platforms!  

1. Dynamic Database  

2. Virtual Machines  

3. Document Storage  

4. Media Delivery  

5 . API Integration  

6. Data Processing  

7. Integrated Messaging  

8. Monitoring  

Does either service have an advantage over the other when it comes to startups, larger companies, dev/test needs, etc.? 

To answer the question of whether AWS or Azure is better depends largely on what you use it for. For example, most of our readers are startups, so let’s break it down by startup use case. AWS and Azure both have some attractive offerings in each category, which we will explore further below. Some might call them little brother and big brother, but that doesn’t mean that one isn’t a viable option to choose over another because they can both handle many needs! At the end of the day it’s just a tool to build an application with deciding which one is right for you comes down to how much time you want to invest in learning something new and how far away from production quality code-freeze do you want to be when using these services as building blocks for your stack. 

Are there any drawbacks with Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure cloud platforms compared to each other that you see frequently in your experience working with them? 

It depends on how you’re planning to use these services. If you are developing a new cloud application, or just want to quickly deploy an existing one, AWS and Azure both offer good solutions. However, if you want to focus on platform-as-a-service instead of infrastructure-as-a service, there’s a strong argument for choosing AWS over Azure. With that said, though, I’m sure Microsoft has plans to respond with a solution they believe can compete with AWS in that regard. So, Amazon might not be the best choice at all times; it really comes down to what sort of applications you’re working on in terms of resource demands and scalability requirements.  

What will be the biggest difference between learning both cloud platforms over time? 

Some developers find that cloud computing platforms can be confusing and even overwhelming. However, there are also many who enjoy working with both AWS and Azure to earn more skills in cloud technologies. While AWS might have an advantage over Azure when it comes to market share and number of users, experts agree that both are great learning opportunities. If you’re thinking about learning both platforms but aren’t sure which one is right for you, ask yourself what kind of technology professional you want to be. 

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