Simple and practical tips to be confident and comfortable in Your YouTube Videos


Suppose you’re an introverted and shy type of person; the thought of launching the first YouTube channel and creating videos maybe a little scary. However, like every other aspect, you’ll never be able to get over your fear unless you give the channel a shot. To boost your confidence and help you feel more comfortable and secure when you watch YouTube videos, here are some quick and easy tips you can apply.


Before you begin the video

1. Make a list of what you intend to say.

It doesn’t mean you must write your word-by-word script. Making notes will help you film yourself much more straightforward. Making up ideas for topics to discuss in a video isn’t easy. Therefore, before recording, spend some time thinking about what you intend to talk about. Record your key ideas.

If your channel is a scripted film, it is recommended to prepare the script in advance and master your phrases. It will be simpler for you to be ready if you know precisely what you’re likely to speak. It’s important to remember that it’s never about your appearance but the way you present yourself and the message you’re trying to convey.

2. Practice

If you’re not very spontaneous and are worried that you will fail repeatedly, try to practice. After you’ve read the script several times out loud, you’ll be more confident in your abilities. It’s not necessary to write out exactly what you want to say. Instead, concentrate on what you’re trying to convey. So, you don’t fall over a lot, and you’ll become better at public speaking. Do some practice with a mirror so that you can observe your speech. It isn’t a good idea to sound like the voice of a robot reading lines from a piece of paper. Keep in mind that you’re shooting videos, so even if you make a mistake at least a couple of times, you can re-record it.

3. Lighting

While your appearance isn’t essential in a YouTube video, you will prefer to look the best. A simple way to accomplish this is to use excellent lighting. Put your light source in the face, not over you. It is possible to set it up in front of the window, which will allow natural light. If you don’t have windows or doors, you could put an illumination source behind the screen.

4. Camera

For most people, the best angle for photography is to have the camera near their eye or above it. If you’re comfortable in your appearance, it’ll ease your anxiety. For making videos, the process is handled by the creator. However, you can do it by yourself.

5. Dress

If you wish to appear at ease on camera, dress comfortably. Consider the topic in your film and wear it appropriately. In the end, you wouldn’t dress up in a designer gown for the beach. If it’s an official video, like a subject tutorial or YouTube for business, you need to wear something formal. If you’re watching a fun interactive video, dress in something casual. It would help if you felt comfortable with what you were wearing. Be sure to pick the outfit that represents the person you are. Beyond that, you should be aware of certain things you should be mindful of, like avoiding all black or white clothes, wearing solid colors, and being cautious about patterns.

6. Background

Your audience should concentrate on your work. Your background shouldn’t cause a distraction for them. Make sure you don’t have any embarrassing things in your location; otherwise, you’ll worry about it and not focus upon the content. Make sure you choose a clean background and attract the viewers.

7. Sit down and drink one of your glasses nearby.

If you are nervous, your mouth might go dry. Making a video while dry mouth can make you uneasy and more anxious. Drink a glass of water before beginning the video. Keep a water bottle

close by so that you can drink a glass now and again.


Making the video

8. Talking slow

People typically increase their speed when they’re stressed. It is possible to think that if you speak more quickly, you’ll finish quicker. But it’s best to be patient and not hurry. Be aware that the audience will be interested in understanding the meaning of what you’re speaking about. You can talk slower than you usually would. Take a break between your thoughts. If you make yourself speak slower, it can feel more relaxed. Because you won’t give an impression of nervousness, the viewers will feel you’re confident. There’s no need to worry about your video being stretched when you record it. You can alter the video in the future to suit your needs. If your viewers request that you speak faster, they may use speed controls on YouTube.

Another benefit of talking slow and pausing to think is that it makes it easier to film. If you talk for hours without breaking, it can be challenging to locate cutting points.

9. Screen share videos

If the idea of appearing on camera is making you anxious, it is possible to start by using screen share videos to try out you’re speaking. This is especially helpful when you are using voice-over YouTube videos. Once you’re confident using this technique, you may test a mixture of screen recording and webcam videos. There are plenty of free online tools which allow you to record your screen and then create a bubble to record your face. If you’re not the subject of your video clip, this can lessen your fear. It will also help normalize that you see the video version of yourself and make the entire process less intimidating. Once you are confident that you’re prepared and comfortable with video, you can switch to video production.

10. Expression

One question you could be thinking about when you are making a YouTube film is using your hands. If you’re having conversations with a person you know, you alter the expression on your face, employ the body language you use to convey an idea, and use your hands to emphasize a statement. Most of these actions are done without contemplating it. However, once you begin recording, you’ll freeze. Making things happen the way you would usually when you’re nervous isn’t easy. However, this is the thing that can help save your video. Make use of hand gestures, keep your eyes in contact with the camera, and smile. This will help you appear relaxed and natural on camera. Your viewers will be able to relate to them. It may feel strange initially. Once you master it, you’ll become at ease.

11. Takes

We’ve mentioned that you can reshoot any part of the film. But it is crucial not to be enticed to shoot the same video repeatedly until you’re sure you are satisfied. It’s OK to take one or two attempts. The first attempt will be like an initial pancake; the pancake is usually tossed away. It may take several minutes to get in the rhythm and feel at ease, mainly new to the game. It would help if you let your nerves go. The process of taking multiple shots of an image is normal. After some time, you’ll feel calmer and more confident. However, this does not mean that you’re shooting every single part 5, 10, 15, or 10 times. It doesn’t matter if you are flawless. Be yourself, make several shots, choose the most effective, and include the video together.

12. Making a mistake

The greatest thing about making videos can be that it doesn’t need to be worried about making mistakes with your camera. If you miss some words or make minor errors, your viewers will feel more comfortable with you. Your video will appear much more genuine. Make sure to keep your video authentic and casual. Don’t be concerned about stammering and creating a YouTube video not working. When you commit a significant mistake, you’ll have the option to make it right or edit the portion out. Be yourself, and your viewers will appreciate it. If they’re making likes and comments on your YouTube videos, it’ll aid in YouTube engagement and engagement.


After creating the video

13. Suggestions

It is helpful to practice and get familiar with anything. If you’re looking to test your camera skills, then you could create videos with a small audience of just one. This could be a close family member, a friend, or a coworker, one with whom you feel at ease. It should also be the person who will give you some feedback. Make their videos rather than your YouTube public account. You can do it as often until you are confident.

14. Edit

When you are making YouTube videos, you’ll need to do a tiny amount of editing. It isn’t just a simple video to shoot and then upload. Suppose you’re a novice editing the video by yourself. This will make you see yourself in the video, which makes the entire process simpler. If you’ve got a large public and you think you require assistance, you can always employ an editor.

15. Keep making videos

You must let yourself go. Do not overthink it and keep creating videos until you don’t feel odd anymore.

Being a YouTuber can be one of the most sought-after jobs currently. By following the tips above, you can start your journey to be comfortable in your skin. If you’d like more help, consider the advice of experts at SubPals, a no-cost YouTube marketing platform created to help you promote your channel. With their premium offerings like the evaluation of your channel and SEO, graphic design, and more and more, you don’t have to think about how to promote your channel. You will be able to concentrate on creating top-quality content. Through their services, you’ll be able to gain free YouTube likes, subscribers, comments, and so on. You won’t need to think about expanding the reach of your channel.

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