5 Reasons Soap Bars Are Better for the Environment Than Liquid Soap

5 Reasons Soap Bars Are Better for the Environment Than Liquid Soap

The future of human civilization is attached to daily choices attributable to the environmentally concerned culture of the world today. In terms of personal cleanliness, an area-whether to use bar soap or liquid soap is huge.

Even though both do cleansing, soap bars are most of the time left behind despite being friendly to the environment. Below are the major five persuasive features of using soap bars including the Sheep Milk Soap Bar that are more environmentally friendly compared to liquid soap.

1. Reduced Packaging Waste

This is probably one of the prime reasons why soap bars are now preferred over soap cakes as they are wrapped and come with bare minimum packaging. Sometimes it can be packed with only a paper cover or no packing at all with the name inscribed. This sharply contrasts with liquid soals as for packaging, it can only be packaged in plastic containers, some of which are non-recyclable.

It may not be much initially when compared to individually packed small bars, however; the collective use and repeated washing with soap bars mean lesser packaging which translates to fewer plastics to dispose of and pollute the land and sea.

2. Lower Carbon Footprint

It can be concluded that due to their characteristics soap bars consume less energy at production and during transportation compared to liquids. Liquid soaps contain rather a large proportion of water, so they also have a larger mass and the energy needed for their transportation is larger as well. Bars can also be lighter and less bulky, meaning it takes less energy to move and store them. This efficiency means that, compared to when the human body was supplying the energy, the total carbon footprint is reduced.

3. Less Water Use

Soap bars are more concentrated and occupy less water than liquid soaps which is why they last for a longer time. This is important, especially given the fact that there is a large consumption of water in the liquid soap production process. Laying my argument in simple terms, I want to stress that by opting for soap bars, consumers help save water – one of the most valuable resources in the world.

4. Longer Lasting

Manufacturers of soap bars produce them to last longer compared to liquid soaps hence the less frequent purchase. It also leads to lesser use of the packaging material and lesser need for packaging more products, while also involving the need for shipment, so this too leads to lesser carbon emissions as well.

5. Natural Ingredients

Most soap bars such as the Sheep Milk Soap Bar are made from natural ingredients and it does not contain any toxic compounds that are commonly found in liquid soaps. These natural ingredients are much friendly to the skin and the environment because they decompose easily unlike the other artificial chemicals that pollute the environment by leaving behind dangerous products.

One way to improve our understanding of the environment is through the purchase of products that are safe for the environment such as the Sheep Milk Soap Bar sold by Silly Bean Soap Company. When you choose a soap bar, then you are two ways contributing to the welfare of the environment by endorsing products, which are friendly to the environment, while enjoying better skin care products, as well.

By Andrew Parker

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