Top 5 Technology News Blogs in Pakistan

Top 5 Technology News Blogs in Pakistan

Top 5 Technology News Blogs in Pakistan to Follow in 2022

Technology has our back everywhere. From the digital doorbell to the TV, the cash machine in the metro station to the smartphone in your hand. Every day there is something that happens on the technology and innovation front. New products are constantly launching and marketed for commercial use. To stay up-to-date with what is happening in technology is where technology news blogs come into play.

Mostly technology blogs owner keep a keen eye on various industries and make a buzz whenever something new happen. In Pakistan, there is no shortage of technology blogs, how some are just so well established and versatile that provide news on various tech-related industries.

1.      ProPakistani

ProPakistani was established back in 2008. Since then it has grown significantly that covers almost every aspect of life. From technology to automobile, science, and innovation, telecom, and gadgetries provide all controversial and exclusive news in Pakistan. Within a short span of time, ProPakistani has earned the reputation as the country’s leading digital news platform that stated with providing news on internet services providers (ISPs), tech industry news, and software.

2.      GigBuzz.Pk – The Future is All Gig

Gigbuzz is one of the emerging Pakistani best tech blogs that aims to cover the growing freelance and digital or what is called the Gig Economy of Pakistan. With quick buzz news on emerging technologies, startups and innovation, and eCommerce in Pakistan, Gigbuzz. pk is providing a blend of both news and educational type content to the Pakistani audience.

As GigBuzz grows, it is expected to cover various industry-related news and updates related to the modern-day internets, such as Blockchain, IoT, AI, and Virtual Reality (VR), Tokenization, and various other trending technologies. GigBuzz also looks into the incorporation of Pakistani Technopreneur, Solopreneur, and freelancers success stories and podcasts in the soon future.

3.      TechMag:

TechMag is another Pakistani-only online IT & Telecom news platform and magazine. TechMag covers news on emerging enterprises and tech trends and innovations, with a particular emphasis on business leaders, visionaries and pioneers and Pakistani technologists and IT influencers.

All of their efforts have been to stay focused on Pakistan. Providing the Pakistani viewers up-to-date statistical data that demonstrates just how quickly both Pakistan’s tech and mechanical industry, and the global inventive industry have grown over the years. The platform also extensively covers the latest mobile and software launches and various other smart gadgets.

4.       Pakwired

Founded in 2014, PakWired is one of the leading tech blogs established by Pakistani serial entrepreneur Hasan Saleem.  Pakwired provides the audience with tricks, tips and spreads awareness among people on how to make use of the latest gadgets. From the working remotely insights and tools to everyday technology How-To guide, PakWired is all in for things in tech and software industry news.

Pakwired core mission is to bridge Pakistani people with technology and connect people with strong entrepreneurial spirits and help them make better and well-informed business decisions.  

5.      Daily Pakistan:

Daily Pakistan is another news-related website that keeps people abreast with both local and internal affairs. Apart from tech-related news, Daily Pakistan covers other untapped avenues of Pakistan, such as the undiscovered areas and spots in the natural splendors of Pakistan.

Daily Pakistan widely covers the latest tech and business news, lifestyle, sports, and economy-related news in Pakistan and also covers major global news. Daily Pakistan is available both in Urdu as well as in the English language.

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