Perfume Boxes Have Just Gone Viral


Our goods, items, and valuables are quite dear to us. From purchase to use, they hold a special place in our lives, and our usage is based on care and love. And whatever you love, you intend to keep it safe and secure. Your favorite products are nothing different. They require proper packing so that they are safe and secure for a long period. Good packing is not only beneficial for you but also for the receiver if you intend to deliver a gift.

Perfume Boxes

Boxes are quite important if you care a lot about safety and security. Your products require perfect packaging and boxes are there to support the cause. One of the prime products that are used in bulk is perfume. Perfumes have developed in many categories such as body sprays, deodorants, and formal perfumes. And so with diverse categories, there are diverse boxes to pack them. Perfume Packaging Boxes are exquisitely produced to pack different perfume products. Specific boxes are made for specific perfume categories for easy identification, a good overall look, and a stylish design.

Perfume Boxes in a Nutshell

Boxes have been modified in many of the features and properties recently. Variations in sizes, shapes, and designs have all had a major impact on product sales and brand promotion. Perfumes are one of the most bought products globally. Top brands to local ones, perfumes are one of the most favorite products for every generation and all ages. And like every other product, they require good packing boxes to maintain and ensure long-term safety.

Safety Factor

Perfume boxes are made keeping in mind certain facts. For example, most high-end perfume bottles are made from glass. Glass requires special handling and care and for this purpose, boxes are made to accommodate padding materials. Soft cotton is a common padding material for casing glass bottles and products packed inside boxes. Perfume boxes make use of see-through windows at their full potential. This style is one of the major reasons why perfume boxes are a global hit.


You can make use of boxes to advertise your product and brand to the maximum. This is because boxes are made from materials such as cardboard which allows for various customizations. These include adding logos, taglines, product images, etc. You can even provide a matte or gloss finish for good styling.

Variation in Styles

Perfume boxes are available to accommodate all perfume categories. Perfume bottles have different sizes, shapes, and make. And boxes are designed in accordance to fulfill all the packing requirements. But here are few box designs that you might like to have a look into before making one.

·         Straight Tuck End Boxes

Straight tuck end boxes have a common design. They are rectangular and have openings on corresponding ends, at the top and bottom. They use the auto-lock feature for tight packing. You can add a see-through window for product identification. Without any adhesive, these boxes are easy to assemble and disassemble.

·         Reverse Tuck End Boxes

Reverse tuck end boxes are only meant for security. These boxes can be opened from one side only compared to straight tuck end boxes that can be opened from corresponding sides. Moreover, these boxes do not make use of a see-through window as it reduces the security and strength of the box. So if you are planning for increased security, these are the perfect boxes.

·         Sleeve Boxes

If you are looking for a stylish box or a box that can kill competition anytime, then these are the best ones. Sleeve boxes have a cover made from the same material as the box but it is open at corresponding ends. This allows the actual box to slide into the cover making it look like a shelf. If you need increased advertisement and style, these are the go-to boxes.

·         Two-Piece Lid Boxes

Two-piece lid boxes have a unique design. They do not use tuck end styles and a cover for the actual box. But they have two different sides which can be placed over each other. Both parts are of the same size and material. One part holds the product while the other is placed over it for covering.

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