Park view city Islamabad Announces Possession

Park view city Islamabad Announces Possession

Park view city Islamabad Announces Possession Date for Block E

Possession is defined in law as the intentional exercise of control over an object by a person. Possession of anything, like ownership, is generally governed by the country under property law. To possess something, a person must have the purpose to possess it in all instances. Some property may be in the possession of a person (although possession does not always imply ownership).

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Importance of possession

One of the most essential ideas in property law is possession. Possession, right of possession, and ownership are three legal notions that are similar but not identical.

Possession is a property right in common law countries. The owner of a property has the right of possession, which he or she may assign entirely or partially to another, who in turn may assign it to a third party. For example, under a property management contract, an owner of residential property may transfer the right of possession to a property manager, who may subsequently assign the right of possession to a tenant under a rental arrangement.

Evidence of ownership (without assignment of the right of possession) or evidence of a superior right of possession without ownership may be offered to establish who has the legal right of possession to determine who should have actual possession, which may include evidence of ownership (without assignment of the right of possession) or evidence of a superior right of possession without ownership. When the prior owner’s right of possession and ownership rights are terminated, possession of a thing might become ownership. Similarly, the passage of time might remove an owner’s right to reclaim exclusive control of a property without losing ownership of it, such as when a court grants an adverse easement for usage.

Possession is not a right in civil law countries, but rather a (legal) fact that is protected by the law. It can serve as proof of ownership, but it is not sufficient to meet the burden of proof. The mere possession of a house, for example, is never enough to establish ownership. Possession is the factual situation of having control over an object, regardless of whether you own it or not. Over time, only legal (possessor has legal foundation), bona fide (possessor has no idea he has no right to possess), and regular possession (not acquired through force or deception) can become ownership. Even if he is not the owner, a possessor has certain legal protection against third parties.

Obtaining possession

Possession necessitates both intention and control. It can be deduced from the fact that both of these criteria exist at the same time. When you see a coin on the ground and reach down to pick it up, your purpose usually comes first. However, it is possible for someone to gain control of something before deciding to possess it. If he or she unwittingly sat on and thus gained control of a $10 billion a train seat, he or she may get ownership by becoming aware of the bill and creating the intent to possess it. People can also aim to possess items that have been left in locations they govern without their knowledge.

Park view city


Park View City is a well-designed housing community in Islamabad’s zone IV. Vision Group owns and develops this CDA-approved housing society. The project provides investors with a combination of business and residential sites. The housing project is well-known for its expansive beautiful views, environmentally friendly surroundings, and cutting-edge amenities.

In the midst of Islamabad’s natural greenery, the project is designed to match all international living standards. The process of societal evolution is well underway, and it is projected to be completed shortly.

Kanal Plots (E Block)

Back open 1 Kanal plots are the most exclusive plots that enjoy the most prime location in the society in Phase 1.

Park view city Payment Plan E Block

Plot CategoryTotal PriceDown PaymentMEMBERSHIP FEEQuarterly Installments
1 KANAL30,000,0007,500,00025,0005,625,000

After the construction of the E-Block, it is now announced the date for the procession which is great news for the inverters and all the owners to enjoy the chance to live in a society with state-of-the-art facilities.

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