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Commercial Cleaning Services by Getaguard

If you run a shop or restaurant, making sure you keep your premises as spotless as possible is a must. Our professional London commercial cleaners are prepared to take on any task you call them for. When you require a in cleaning your restaurant’s kitchen or shining your shop windows, The Happy House Cleaning Services will provide the best people to complete the task, outfitted with the most modern cleaning equipment and solutions to clean dirt, dust and grime.

How Thorough Is Our Service?

Below you can find just a few ways our experts can help you keep your office or commercial space clean and well-presented:

  • Our team of kitchen cleaners will scrub your professional kitchen equipment and appliances making them sparkling clean
  • Clean windows will greet customers throughout the week by booking our services.
  • Carpets store an abundance of dirt however, our powerful hot water extraction equipment can clear it up completely
  • Hard floor cleaning – we’ve got all the required equipment to clean expensive hard floors like granite or marble
  • Upholstery, chairs and curtain treatment – our staff can make your office furniture as well as textiles look like new

Commercial And Office Spaces That We Clean:

  • Doctors’ offices
  • General office/ cubical
  • Dental offices
  • Government Buildings
  • Sterile and surgical care centers
  • Centers for shopping and retail
  • Corporate Offices
  • Schools / Educational facilities
  • Conference centers
  • Country clubor Clubhouses
  • Optometry offices
  • Gym, Fitness and Training facilities
  • General office buildings
  • Universities and Colleges
  • Chiropractic offices
  • Retail stores
  • Law offices
  • Church / Synagogues / Temples
  • Daycare facilities
  • Auto Dealerships
  • Call Centers
  • Theatrical and Venue buildings
  • Bank / Financial institutions
  • Restaurants and Bars

Why Choose Us?

Our office cleaning staff are hand-picked as well as trained to all necessary certifications. You can be assured that we’ll work within your schedule, which means we don’t interrupt your clients or employees.

  • Service that is either one-off or regular, in accordance with your needs
  • We cover the entire London and the surrounding areas within the M25
  • Discounted rates and special offers
  • Flexible contract duration
  • 24/7 emergency service

We also offer a variety additional professional and professional service in London, for both individuals and businesses.

Office Cleaning Services London ON

The office space is one which needs to be tidy, as it is the only method to ensure the highest results from your staff. Otherwise, they will not be able to concentrate and become sick. The impact on your business . That’s why it important to get regular Office Cleaning Services London ON by the top business A2Z maintenance for buildings. We’ve been offering commercial cleaning services for a long period of time. We know the places that need a lot of cleaning. You might not even notice. We would like to remind our customers that we don’t apply the traditional cleaning techniques. Based on the advancements in advances in technology, we adapt our procedures too. We supply our employees with the latest tools and kinds of equipment to clean. This also helps them complete the job faster.

We also train our employees properly. When they’re serving you, they’re not causing havoc on your property or fail to use the tools. Also, we work on their personalities. We do not want to make any customer feels offended by the way our staff behaves. When they show up at your location, you will see smiles on their faces. It remains the same until the time they leave. Before starting a cleaning service we create a plan and present it to you. If you’re not satisfied and want to make adjustments however you wish; we’re not going to be a problem because it’s our duty to fulfill your needs.

Office Cleaning Services London ON And Other services we offer:

Office cleaning is not all we provide to our clients. You can also call us to offer industrial cleaning services, school cleaning service, deep cleaning service and many more, about which you can find out by visiting our website. We want to assure you that we’re experts at providing all these services. It isn’t the first one that we are providing this service. We have provided this service to many before you. The number of people we have helped over the years is listed in our site. This gives you an idea of our expertise and will make you feel stressed.


We’re not like firms whose focus is on earning. We focus on our clients. The price we charge from them isn’t high. It is possible to compare it with any other business and find a satisfactory result. The price is based on the product you buy from us. Moreover, the price for the service is fixed. You don’t need to pay additional fees or to shell out money in between the services.

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