How to set lighting in bathroom design?


To elaborate the lighting, it is recommended that the layout is already defined. First, direct and general lighting is decided, and then specific points and indirect lighting are allocated.

So, for the illuminate calculation, the reference value would be 200lux in general lighting and 500lux in the bench area.

About the types of lighting, we list the following characteristics:

Built-in ceiling: More discreet and very functional, this is the most common way for general lighting.

On the countertops, for example, where the personal hygiene routine is carried out, white and more direct lighting allows better visualization of objects and movements.

On the other hand, in the bathroom area, it can be done in a more indirect way, with a more yellow tone, making the environment cozy and relaxing. These different functions can be distributed in different circuits and the type of lamp must be specified carefully.

At the same time, the type of coating used in the space also interferes in the decision-making for lighting. While light surfaces and the use of mirror take advantage of natural light, which is reflected within the environment, when adopting darker colors, it becomes necessary to choose stronger lighting.


The ICR (Color Rendering Index) is the value that represents how much a certain light allows the visualization of colors accurately. Thus, the scale ranges from 0 to 100, where 100 refers to a higher quality of color reproduction. The index is also found as “Ra” in the lamp description.

However, the variation of this value is not related to the color temperature of the lamp, so that both white and yellow can be used, with an ICR value higher than 80 being recommended. lamps between 3000k and 4000k.

IP Protection Degree:

The IP (International Protection) degree of protection is an international standard that classifies the level of protection for electronic objects. It aims to prevent physical damage to the user such as shocks and burns, as well as protect the equipment itself against damage.

The IP is accompanied by two numbers, the first referring to protection against dust and solid objects, while the second refers to water. The higher the number, the greater the resistance. Therefore, in the shower area, we recommend sealed and steam-resistant lamps, with IP65, type PAR 20 (smaller lamps, used for more punctual internal focus)

Minimum Measures Bathroom:

Firstly, the minimum measures for bathrooms are those that include the circulation of users and the placement of adequate sanitary items, with only the toilet, washbasin and shower being essential. Likewise, the free space around the sanitary parts must not be disregarded.

The ideal dimensions are considered the most comfortable solution for the user, but they can still be reduced, while the minimum measures are those that cannot be reduced for a good functioning of the layout. Therefore, to make a minimal project, it is necessary to have some measurements as a reference, being able to arrive at different plant solutions.

Minimum Dimensions: Rectangular Bathroom:

In the case of a rectangular layout, circulation becomes a little more restricted, while the shower becomes more spacious. The pieces are usually distributed in a single line, and it is recommended that the washbasin is located in front of the door, as it is considered more pleasant to come across this, as opposed to the toilet.

This format is better suited to the standard dimensions of bedrooms and, therefore, makes it easier to integrate it, following the project’s alignments.

Minimum Dimensions: Square Bathroom:

In square layout situations, it is possible to reach smaller dimensions, but the shower area is usually a little compromised, as it depends on a corner opening, with sliding or hinged doors. So, the organization of the space is based on the subdivision of the square into 4 zones, where in one of them is the access door and circulation area, while the others are occupied by the sanitary parts.

Bathroom for Semi Suite:

On the other hand, when the project has a Semi Suite (bathroom that can be accessed through two bedrooms), special care must be taken with circulation, ensuring good access and flow to both environments that will be connected to the bathroom. For Water leak in bathroom consult here

The arrangement of the equipment will then depend on the position of the entrance doors. As needed, the bathroom can be divided into two parts, where the first would be the access area and washbasin, with the toilet and shower attached to the side. This solution also ensures more privacy.

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