How to furnish a modern living room?


When we talk about a modern living room, we are talking about furniture where the password is “minimal”. In fact, a modern living room is composed of a few, essential elements, which are always functional.

Among these, some furniture and decorative design objects are inserted with taste, always without exaggerating in quantity. In the modern, too much is good, as the saying goes. Each piece of furniture must be absolutely essential, ban the superfluous. Furniture must have room to breathe.

The living room has the important function of responding to different daily needs: having lunch, studying, reading, receiving friends. For this reason, the furnishing of a modern living room must meet the needs of freedom of movement and comfort.

Decor ideas for a modern living Room:

The first thing to do when furnishing the living room, whatever the chosen style, is to analyze the available space. The size and arrangement of the furniture, in fact, strictly depends on the size of the room. The rule to follow is to insert the most voluminous furniture first, and then think about how to place the smaller ones.

Avoid burdening the environment with too many furniture, on the contrary, leave some space between one and the other. In this way it is easier to move around the room. In addition, the furniture is more airy.

Lastly, think about the final decoration: the small furniture for the empty corners, the carpets, the curtains, the paintings. When furnishing a modern living room, the decorative elements must be in a minimal style, one-color, with geometric patterns.

01 – Modern living area means minimalism:

Furnishing a modern living room means choosing a clean and functional style. The dominant color is light and delicate, such as white and gray. Those who love to give liveliness to the room, can add a touch of strong color, such as fuchsia, red, green or yellow.

The furniture is simple and elegant, with no frills. Functionality reigns supreme: a large bookcase, a comfortable sofa, very soft poufs, a table that can be extended if necessary or an extendable console that is always ready to welcome your guests. Among these functional furniture, there are also design furniture items, to make the furniture of the living room more refined.

02 – The importance of the carpet:

In the furnishing of the living area, the carpet plays a more important role than is commonly thought. The carpet adds a touch of warmth to the environment, making it more intimate.

It is essential that it is at least as large as the sofa area. Avoid skimpy carpets, which may be fine in the bedroom but not in the living room. A large rug makes the room more visually spacious, and more complete.

03 – The side table:

Any living room has a coffee table in front of the sofa. For a touch of class, we recommend placing one next to the sofa. Even better a pair, of the same model but of different sizes. These side tables must be a little less or a little more high than the armrests of the sofa, so that they are comfortable for placing objects, such as books, magazines, cups of coffee. They are also perfect for placing table lamps, which create atmosphere and are functional for reading. Tips to remove smell from Bathroom

The latest fashion are the round tables with thin legs in gold or brass, while the top is black, to create a contrast with the light colors of the furniture, or in pastel colors, such as a soft pink.

04 – A touch of class? The arc lamp:

Taking care of the lighting is fundamental in every room of the house, especially in the furnishing of the living room, where the right light points must be created for the most varied activities: meals, reading, study … A decisive lighting, therefore , given by chandeliers and ceiling sconces, but not only. We must also think of points of more subdued light for moments of relaxation: while we watch TV for example, or while we chat in sweet company curled up on the sofa. Floor lamps and table lamps do this for this purpose.

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