How Side Truck is the Solution of Long Loads?

Side Truck, The Solution For Long Loads

If your company handles especially long loads, such as wooden planks, metal profiles, pipes or beams, then you need a side loader. This type of machine is a forklift truck that has a side mast and a loading platform. Thanks to this it can pick up long loads and is therefore the perfect truck for sectors such as lumber, construction companies or the steel industry.

In addition, a side loader is characterized by its high travel speed, high ground clearance and a wide variety of tire options. These side loader forklifts are suitable for transporting long goods in narrow aisles. They have great maneuverability to transport these loads quickly and safely.

Characteristics of Side loaders:

In the lateral trucks, the collection of the loads is carried out by means of the extension of the mast. This mast is positioned next to the load and extends by means of two crossed cylinders with cushioning in both end positions. This protects equipment and loads.

Side loading trucks usually have a slightly sloped platform, unlike other trucks. It is due to cylinders installed on the side of the platform and corresponding to each other, which allow constant compensation for uneven floors and keep the load safe and stable during transport. Chassis tilt puts the truck in the optimum position to pick up and secure the load.

There are also multi directional side loaders that offer an added advantage when space is limited.

Advantages of Side loaders:

The use of side loading trucks makes it possible to traverse narrow aisles without any problems. The operator sits in a cabin, the position of which varies depending on the model, but which allows him to have a good view to move around. By being able to carry loads from the side instead of from the front, long loads take up less space, facilitating mobility.

Another advantage of the lateral forklift is that, thanks to this position of the long loads, it allows the distance between the rows of shelves to be reduced to a minimum, since we will no longer have to have very wide aisles for this type of load, such as wooden planks. This gives us room for additional rows of shelving and more storage capacity in the same space.

Designed for long loads, these side loaders suffer less damage and breakage. In addition, they are handled safely and with less risk of being hit.

We put at your disposal the range of side loaders, a brand integrated in the prestigious company OMG. Thanks to the use of solid and reliable materials, the precision of their manufacture and the attention to detail, trucks are versatile, agile and fast. Furthermore, they are also extremely pleasant to drive and safe, even under harsh working conditions.

How to drive a reach truck:

If you are determined to buy forklift trucks, you must first remember the necessary instructions and recommendations to be able to use a reach truck safely.

Tips for using a reach truck:

When using retractable forklifts, you will need to take into account a series of considerations, such as the following:

Before starting to use a reach truck, it is necessary to carry out some checks. For this, the direction, the horn, the brakes, the movement of the mast and the fork must be checked. You should also check for any kind of leak.

It is very important to check the status of the battery, as well as not forgetting the information plates, since this type of machine must always have a diagram visible that indicates the normal loads it can support.

Driving these trucks must be done with proper conduct. This means driving with the cab forward and tilted loads tilted slightly to the rear.

When the work activity is stopped, the truck must be parked in an area indicated for it, always with the engine stopped and without the key. In addition, the truck must be parked leaving the fork flat on the ground.

Under no circumstances should the reach truck be used to lift people. Nobody can be transported in it, since it is only designed to handle loads. Doing otherwise would put other people at serious risk.

When moving, you have to be very careful with the rest of the workers, making sure that there is no one walking or standing near or under the load.

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