How are prefab homes built?

rooftop extension architecture

Earlier the construction work used to take a lot of time to complete. But with time many things have changed in the process of construction. Many new ways have been introduced by which the construction of the house has become very easy and less time-consuming. One of the great examples of this is prefab homes. The rooftop extension architecture in these houses is mind-blowing. These prefab homes are pre-designed and ready in the factory. They are not constructed on the construction site. That is why this process of building a house needs less time and effort in comparison to the traditional ways.

Here is the list of stages that every prefab house has to undergo. Let’s have a look at them.

  • The idea: First of all the client needs to elaborate on the type of house that he needs. The design of the rooms, the layout everything is to be decided first. The client can search on the internet for ideas for the home. Once you are done with the type of rooms that you need then it will be easy to find the estimate for the house. After that, you add or deduct according to the choice and the budget of the person.
  • Drafting architectural design: For this, you need to hire an architect that will draft the room views, floor plans, etc. he will tell you all the exact measurements according to which construction is done.
  • Drafting budget: After all the designing and stuff you will be provided with the budget that will include all the transportation, electricity, water, installation charges, etc.
  • Choose manufacturer: In the market some so many manufacturers are available. You can visit each of them and enquire about the questions related to it.
  • Choose the contractors: You must find the general contractors that do all the work that is not done by the manufacturer. The head of the contractor will assure that there very few chances of mistakes in the work.
  • Engineering design: This is the fundamental stage of the process that will take the maximum time to complete. The time that is taken will depend upon the complexity of the architectural design. 
  • Preparing the site: While the engineering work is going on the construction site is to be prepared for the further process. Measurements are confirmed to the manufacturers.
  • Production: This is the shortest stage of the entire process. This makes the design flawless. 
  • Transportation: once the design is ready at the warehouse station, the setup is transported to the construction site with utmost carefulness.
  • Onsite assembly: once the setup arrives, the assembling of the parts is done. The time of assembling them will depend upon the degree of manufacturing as well as the size of the house.
  • Technical installations: After assembling parts, technical installations are done to the house like electricity, water, heating, ventilation, etc.
  • Interior furnishing: The last step is the interior décor. Once you are done with it then you are good to shift to the new house.

From this process, you can have your prefab house with a prefab roof extension.

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