Gender-Segregated Education

Gender-Segregated Education

Gender-Segregated Education

Gender–segregated education refers to providing education to males and females separately. It can be separate classrooms or separate buildings. This is also known as single-sex education. This way of providing education is practiced in many countries depending on their religious and cultural preferences. Muslim countries mostly follow this type of education system. Other than Muslim countries, countries like Korea, England, Ireland also followed a single-sex education system. The education system plays an essential job in shaping the personality of individuals. Many educational institutions follow a single-sex education system, while some believe in a coeducation system. Gender segregated education has many advantages and disadvantages, which we will discuss to get a clear picture of this type of education system.  

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Some of the main advantages of gender-segregated institutions are: 


When boys and girls are given education separately, there is less distraction. When students are in their teen ages in high schools and colleges, they quickly get attracted to the opposite sex, distracting them from educational activities. At the same time, it is believed that students pay more attention to their studies when they are in different spaces. Different studies have shown that students perform much better in academics in a separate education system than in coeducation.  


Students studying in a gender-based education system involves less in nonproductive activities. When students of opposite sex study together, they get attracted to each other very quickly, and there is a chance of indulgence in nonproductive activities that can be harmful to their future.  


Boys and girls have completely different personalities due to their different way of thinking. They usually get into arguments and fights. In a separate education system, there are fewer chances of arguments among students because they have some level of understanding with the same genders.  


In the coeducation system, boys get more chances of participation in extracurricular activities than girls. It is generally believed that boys can do better in physical games and they get more favors in this aspect, but when both are in different institutions, it is observed that girls also have a keen interest in games and physical activities, and they also get the chance of showing their talent  


When students are in single-sex educational institutions, they are more comfortable there. This is mainly for girls because they feel a sense of comfort when they are with girls, which helps them learn and get an education quickly. They don’t get nervous while in class and participate in extracurricular activities without hesitation. Get the idea from Online Quran Academy.


As every coin has two sides, gender-segregated education also has some cons.  


The students who have studied in same-gender institutions lack socializing skills. They don’t have much confidence in dealing with the opposite gender. When they start working somewhere, they find it a bit difficult to interact with the opposite genders, which affects their personality  


When students have done their education from single-sex educational institutions, they have less acceptance of the opposite gender. They can’t easily connect with them and find it challenging to work with them in their future lives. Whereas those who have studied in coeducation can easily connect with the opposite gender and have a better understanding with them as well  


When education is given in different institutions to both genders, the resources are used more. Running two or more institutions is difficult to manage financially also. Expenses increase while maintaining different institutions for girls and boys. For example, the salary of teachers, bills, maintenance. The cost of everything gets double  


When boys and girls are in separate education spaces, they are less competitive. Studies have shown that both genders naturally have a feeling of competition towards each other, so when they are taught together, they strive to do better than the opposite gender. This quality is lacking in pupils who study separately from another gender. 


Overall, gender-segregated education is preferred more by the parents for their children due to its many positive factors. This education system is considered more successful because they have small classrooms, which helps in giving proper attention to each student, enough funding, and a better environment. And for Muslims religiously also, this education system is given more preference. 

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