9 Ideas for a Gorgeous Spring Home Makeover

9 Ideas for a Gorgeous Spring Home Makeover

If you’re the type of person who enjoys keeping their home looking gorgeous, then you’ll want to consider checking out these ideas for a gorgeous spring home makeover. But if you don’t feel like this would be your cup of tea, maybe you should let your friendly local interior designers in Bangalore handle it. No matter which route you choose, just remember that spring is the perfect time to start sprucing up your living space and make it feel fresh again!

1) Use Natural Light

Natural light can really brighten up a room. Use it to your advantage with mirrors and light-colored furniture. The best part is that sunlight is free, so there’s no need to spend any money on decorating options like lamps or artificial lights! The more natural light you incorporate into your home, of course, the lower energy bills will be. If possible, try limiting the use of electric lighting during the day; save it for later in evening hours once you know how much natural sunlight you’ll have left.

2) Update Your Carpet

Carpeting can bring color and warmth to a room. However, when your carpet is dirty or worn, it will only have a negative impact on your room’s overall look. Rather than spending an exorbitant amount of money on new carpeting for every room in your home, opt for inexpensive but visually-interesting area rugs instead. Not only will you breathe new life into your decor, but you’ll also save yourself some cash.

3) Switch Out Your Curtains

One of my favorite things to do in spring is swapping out drapes and curtains. I think it adds a clean, fresh look to any room. Swapping out your window treatments (purchasing new drapes, blinds, or curtains) helps keep your space feeling fresh without spending a lot of money on decor that’s just going to be thrown away after fall comes around.

4) Update Your Houseplants

Your home is your castle, and if you’re like me, you may have a bit of an obsession with keeping it looking fresh and beautiful. If that’s true for you as well, I have one small but simple suggestion for your spring home makeover: update your houseplants! Think about it—fresh flowers are great, but they usually only last a few days at most. Houseplants offer more long-term satisfaction; most varieties need little to no upkeep, so once you bring them home from the nursery (and decorate them in pretty pots), they’ll do most of their work for themselves.

5) Paint Your Foyer

The front door is often your home’s focal point and a great place to add color, style, and vibrancy. If you’re looking for a quick, easy spring home makeover project that will impact your entire house for years to come – consider painting your foyer! There are so many ways to do it.

6) Find the Right Sofa

If you’re looking for a new sofa for your living room, it can be difficult to find one that fits in with your existing design. Look for a sofa that has clean lines to fit with other modern elements in your space. If you don’t have a lot of extra cash lying around, stick to neutral hues like black or gray and look for inexpensive materials like cotton and twill. Since you only need a basic frame, used sofas are also an option.

7) Organize the Closet

Don’t get me wrong, I am not a fashionista by any means. But if you really want to change your outlook on spring cleaning, start with reorganizing and de-cluttering your closet. If you don’t feel like organizing it yourself (that sounds about as fun as watching grass grow), call in interior designers in Bangalore and have them do it for you!

8) Upcycle with Furniture Paint

There are tons of ways to recycle old furniture in your home, but one of our favorites is with furniture paint. If you’re tired of looking at that same old armoire or dresser in your living room, try giving it a fresh coat of paint to give it a whole new look!

9) Update Mirrors and Decor

If you’re not opposed to tackling a DIY project, adding new mirrors and updating your decor is a simple, inexpensive way to breathe new life into your home. If you don’t have any design experience, but have some extra time and love for interior decorating (and a spare few dollars), now is an excellent time to purchase items like throw pillows, candles, or even artwork to spruce up rooms.

Final Thoughts:

Use these 9 tips to create your gorgeous spring home makeover. It’s easier than you think! Let us know how it goes by leaving a comment below or sharing on social media. Have fun!

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