7 creative ideas for kitchen design


Who wouldn’t want a kitchen that meets their needs? Make the environment more functional and stylish by investing in unique, well-designed and executed ideas.

In addition to being a space to prepare meals, it is also a place where friends and family gather. Therefore, having a nice and beautiful room is at the top of the list. To help you think of some foolproof ideas, the architectural partners at the office, listed seven inspirations:

Built-in trash can in the closet

Do you have a kitchen integrated into the living room? In this 42m² apartment, to be able to meet the needs of the two different rooms, with the help of the joinery, a trash can inside the closet was added.

In addition to removing an object that can be uncomfortable and unwanted, if not well positioned, it provides a space that is always organized and clean. Another alternative, if you want or need to hide the trash, is to embed it in the stone of the countertop or sink. Easy access, camouflaged and aesthetically pleasing. For Drain Cleaning in Lubbock Texas

Kitchen without a kitchen face

Looking for modern style ideas? Here, the architects created a visual box effect for the countertop. Inside each compartment, hidden, is a dishwasher, water filter and microwave.

To disguise the appearance of the refrigerator, a black joinery was included and the wall, which receives the appliance, was also given the same color. The island facing the living room offers a place for residents to enjoy meetings and enjoy the day in a more dynamic way.

Wires hidden in the woodworking

Who isn’t always looking for a way to hide wires from appliances and reduce visual clutter? A personalized piece of furniture has sockets inside, facilitating the connection of objects and providing a clean and optimized support area.

Mix of styles

Why not meet the wishes of all residents and select more than one style to compose the decor? By mixing different elements, the kitchen will be creative and full of personality.

In this example, the two architects worked with classic and modern. The blue-gray cabinet and the metalwork and wood shelf fixed to the ceiling, which provides a place to store glasses and display plants and other decorative items, stand out.

Colors everywhere

Applying colors in the room is a great way to achieve a unique environment, however, it is important to look for references and be sure what you like before investing in the proposal.

You know that shade you love and always wanted to add to your home? There is a possibility that it can become tiresome as you will see it every day. So test and analyze first.

Taking advantage of every corner

In small homes, taking advantage of every corner, especially with creativity, helps in the functionality of the place. In this 35 m² apartment, woodworking niches, in the corner of the bench, received vases with plants and spices. Now residents have ingredients always on hand, thanks to furniture planning that took advantage of each surface. You can Give variations according to your taste

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